Louise's Story

Now an award winning artist, Louise was originally educated as a scientist.  Louise first formally studied art as a part-time Foundation degree student at West Notts College, Mansfield, UK. She is now a Masters student (Master of Fine Art) at the University of Lincoln, UK. Louise is passionate about the materiality and intimate physicality of her practice, particularly expedient, novel painting techniques , but she is also a sculptor in various mediums.  

Louise won the 2017 Artescape Award.  She has recently been accepted as an Associate to the renowned Backlit Studios in Nottingham. Louise is the author-publisher of Art Zine "Parergon".

Louise researches through practice using many methodologies

Louise is fascinated by the concept of time and the aquisition of human knowledge and also argues passionately for the value of imagination in human experience.  Her dissertation is entitled "Mental Spaces and Possible Becomings in a Fine Art Practice: towards a denial of time."  Louise is interested in the slow degeneration of all matter and how chaos tries to reform into order, and cycles of life and death.  Her emerging Detourned Series of deliberately joyful and naive semi destructed paintings take influence from the Situation Internationist painters like Asger Jorn.  Louise's emerging Parergon Series of larger heavily abstracted paintings, influenced by the writings of the philosopher Derrida, also reflect her varied research around knowledge and the Sublime, and often by personal lived moments connected to nature. Louise sculpts in wax, ceramics, glass, plaster and wood and she is experimenting with cold casting metal techniques in new work, looking towards bronze casting. She embraces happy and chaotic accidents in her energetic processes, including encouraging audience participation, whether by virtue of their consideration of her work in the Parergon (the space outside the work) or physically, in her Jigsaw Series. 

Louise is a colorist. In both her figurative and abstract work, she applies color with a carefully constructed juxsta positioning of hue, tone and repetition, designed to manipulate the onlooker's unconscious to create emotional responses. Her unusual scientific background allows Louise to blend research practice from across many disciplines, for example knowledge of the physics of light and waves in the use of paint.

A recurring theme in all of Louise's work, both in fine art and beyond, is human communication.  Her research work touches on communication in many forms that include verbal, non verbal, written, tactile and visual. She argues that fine art can provide otherwise inexpressible knowledge that can enhance research and debate across all faculties. As the author of an Art Zine, Parergon, Louise promotes her passionate belief in the value of art and art education in advancing human knowledge. 



Louise enjoys developing novel techniques but often pays homage to favourite artists such as Malevich in her work.  There are also visible influences from a diversity of artists such as Barlow, Reubens, Richter, Hoffman, Hepworth, Mitchell, Caravaggio, Keifer, Hodgkin and Pollock.

Originally trained as a doctor, and with postgraduate qualifications in philosophy, Louise has travelled widely, visiting, working and teaching in Africa, Asia, Canada, the United States and Europe.  A Londoner by birth, she is currently based in the United Kingdom, with frequent visits to New York.

 Her life experiences continue to inform her artistic research through practice.